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i have heard nothing on this system. NOTHING. don't know if thats good or bad
I would mark this as Bad for marketing. Everything else going have to wait until dust settles before anyone can say it's good or bad.

Only two things I heard is

1. Zelda is a masterpiece, Some of those reviews read like puff pieces. It's a little hard to take it serious, Zelda is one those games you will be good(Console). Masterpiece not so sure. It's a little hard to beat Zelda OoT, That game was a dam masterpiece.

2. Switch is the best selling Nintendo console to date. Going wait for real data, Since that came direct from Nintendo. It sounded allot like PR BS, Like when MS stated all their Xbox One games are 1080p native.

Everything else is silent compared to other console launches. It's a very strange Launch, atlease with MS & Sony you hear allot about their console when it launches. Nintendo Nothing.

If I didn't read the one website, I wouldn't have even know the Switch Launched.