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    a Look at my New PC ( almost a Year in the works)

    Full Build Log with allot more Photos

    Link: http://www.overclock.net/t/1610817/b...#post_26416170

    Some Heights:
    - Every single cable in the PC is custom made from the ground up using Molex or TE brand terminals with AlphaWire MPPE or normal PVC wiring(I Mean every wire, This includes: PSU, USB, Fans, Lighting, Aquabus, etc...).
    - Custom made wiring has been created for my pumps & some of Fan controllers that has been tweaked to run from PCiE slots on the PSU using the 12v + GND wires.
    - Some of the lighting is custom built (Mainly the 5mm). I couldn't get a hold of everything to create my own LED strips.
    - The case has been modded for Passthroughs, Fillport, mounting & drains.
    - All the radiators have been custom painted by me to match the case.
    - All the fittings comes from Bitspower (Best fittings around). Only fillport & passthroughs come from EK.
    - Other mounting items & monoblocks has also been custom painted.
    - The MonoBlock is from EK, The GPU block is from WaterCool
    - The Reservoirs come from WaterCool & AquaComputer.
    - I also have both my M.2 Harddrives watercooled.
    - Harddrives. Close to 30TB of Space. a Good 10TB is dedicated for video recording, Since my videocard can capture uncompressed in 4K60.
    - CPU is a 10 Core with 20 threads from X99 chipset. Which is still the fastest chipset available. Plus it has more lanes. Not sure what new boards keep reducing the amount of lanes available.
    - Also everything is controlled by single software program, This includes the lighting, Fans, flow meter, temperature, etc...
    - All the cable combs are made from Carbon Fiber, not from that cheap acrylic.
    - All cables have been fully sleeved using best sleeving available (MDPC-X)
    - Finally & most important all the tubing is 100% glass. I did not use any PETG or acrylic tubing.

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    That is impressive! I have a NZXT Case with 5820k and 1080ti. Tried water.. but now I just use a Noctua NH-D15 for cooling.

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