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02-05-2007, 03:11 AM
Zorro Drops Onto the Wii
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<div class="bbcode_quote_body">I can hardly contain my happiness, Zorro is coming to the Wii.

“The Wii controller has many uses, and becoming Zorro and slashing Z’s seems like an ideal fit if ever we saw one. Pronto Games feels likewise and has announced a new Zorro title for Nintendo Wii. Details from the announcement follow:

The Pronto Games team brings an ideal mix of talent and experience to the creation of handheld games and downloadable game platforms. Their team of over thirty developers has significant experience with development on mobile phones, PC, console and handheld markets. Pronto is one of the select group of companies authorized by Nintendo to develop product for the new Wii platform.

Pronto’s combination of enthusiasm and expertise has led to an ideal partnership with Zorro Productions, Inc. for development of The Destiny of Zorro. The two companies are located down the road from one another in the San Francisco East Bay. Pronto’s game development strategy holds a core belief that video games should be small, fast and fun (SmaFF). These elements almost match the character of Zorro himself, though to his adversaries, Zorro often appears larger than life.

As a fight strategy or a game development strategy from Pronto, ‘instantly engaging’ is key.”</div>