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12-11-2006, 07:07 PM
Far Cry Shows Wii FPS Promise?

By Kris Graft

Ubisoft's Far Cry Vengeance releases this week for the Wii, and hands-on previews out of the consumer press indicate that it's a welcome step forward for Wii FPSes. Click through for the rest of this week's releases...

http://www.next-gen.biz/images/stories/Companies/Ubisoft/far%20cry%20wii.jpgFar Cry Vengeance—Wii

Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Release date: 12/15/06

The Far Cry franchise originally debuted on PC in 2004, receiving critical raves for its eye-popping visuals and gameplay that rivaled more established first-person shooter brands.

Since then, the Far Cry series has remained strong, switching from original developer Crytek to Ubisoft and appearing on Microsoft’s Xbox and Xbox 360. This week, the Wii will be getting its own iteration with Far Cry Vengeance.

When the Wii’s Remote controller was first revealed, gamers and critics speculated on the console’s potential to be an FPS powerhouse, thanks in large part to the random-access nature of the point-‘n’-shoot trigger-equipped Remote.

However, as developers come to grips with the Wii’s controller at this early stage in the console’s life, there has yet to be a truly breakout FPS from a control standpoint. Call of Duty 3 and Ubisoft’s previous Wii FPS effort, Red Steel, are only starting points for Wii FPS development.

As of this writing, no reviews for Far Cry Vengeance have yet been logged, but previews out of the consumer press indicate that the game may be a step forward in the evolution of Wii FPS control. GameSpot said in a recent hands-on, “We're pleased to report that after about 10 minutes of walking around and surviving encounters with enemies more by luck than by judgment (we were playing on the easy difficulty setting), we came to grips with the control setup and ultimately found it to be quite intuitive.”

IGN walked away “fairly impressed” with its brief hands-on time with the game: “Ultimately, while Far Cry Vengeance for the Wii may not quite be the killer application that first-person shooter that fans are waiting for, it is undoubtedly a whole lot of fun.” While IGN said that headshots were “amazingly easy” to pull off with the Remote, the site commented on “muddy” visuals.

1UP said in another hands-on preview, “All in all, when it comes to hopping around and accurately disposing of bad guys, Far Cry: Vengeance manages to show a small glimmer of hope for the future of Wii first-person shooters.”

Future’s GamesRadar said simply in a preview, “Control. That's what so many of the shooters rushing to take advantage of Wii's tools lack and what Far Cry Vengeance appears to nail.”

As for current popularity rankings on the Wii platform specifically, Far Cry Vengeance ranks fifth on 1UP, 10th on GameSpot and 24th on IGN’s GameStats.com.