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08-30-2006, 04:22 AM
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<div class="bbcode_quote_body">Title: New version of PSP and Wii controller’s quality don’t meet standard, launch schedule may delay.

Last week the author has a surprised chance to pay a visit to factory that makes PSP, and interviewed a quality controller, and got to know the latest insider news of PSP production, to his surprise, Nintendo’s Wii controller production has also transfered to this factory. However, the production of the new PSP and Wii controller are not going well, Wii may delay its launch due to its controller is not up to standard.

(blah blah blah, the PSP thingy I won’t translate as I guess nobody is interested anyways XD)

Starts the 2nd page…

On Nintendo’s Wii side, there are many rumours recently that said Wii may launch earlier than expected in late Oct, in order to suppress PS3 that launches in mid-Nov, but in fact Nintendo may not have a confirmed official launch day, due to all sorts of problems related to the controller that prevented mass production.

The factory has received Wii controller’s purchasing order and its sample, but is still stucked in testing phrase. From feedbacks of testers, currently the Wiimote and nunchuck still have a lot of small issues, such as buttons aren’t sensitive, hard to press 2 buttons together, and even no response occasionally, and the current sample is easy to get damaged, using the controller in normal situation will produce some noise, etc. Entering Sept, if the above hardware problems cannot be fixed, it will directly affect Wii’s selling strategy.

Also, the factory has not received the Wii console from Nintendo yet, currently they are testing samples using a dedicated machine only for testing, which means after an up-to-standard sample is produced, it still needs to be sented back to Japan to be tested by Nintendo for the 2nd time. Wii controller uses bluetooth technology for real-time data transfer, and infrared for “space location”(space as in that Eistein(?)) guy Time-Space thingy), and the 2nd phrase of testing procedures maybe even tougher!</div>